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Write. Publish. Repeat.

The SPP guys published nearly 2 million words and built full-time indie careers in 2013. In their definitive self-publishing guide, they tell you how they did it… and how you can too.

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Three Worlds of Stories

We practice what we preach, with three publishing lines between us. Want to see our strategies in use? You can get over a dozen of our books for free.

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Write. Publish. Repeat.

You’ll wish you had read it sooner. The SPP book is not a formula with an easy path to follow. It is a guidebook to help you build a successful indie publishing career, no matter what type of writer you are … so long as you’re the type of writer who’s willing to do the work.

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Self-Publishing Podcast

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We’re as surprised as anyone, but with a 4.9 average on iTunes, we must be doing something right. Infrequently off-topic, often NSFW, and always authentic. It’s three guys telling you what does and doesn’t work for them. We love to share, and are grateful you listen.

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Meet the Team

The Alchemist, the Architect and the Artist. Dave and Sean have been working together for five years. Sean and Johnny started a half-dozen series last year alone. Together, the Self-Publishing Podcast trio wrote, published and sold more than 2,000,000 words in 2013. This year we’re planning to repeat it.

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collective inkwell

Collective Inkwell

Sean and Dave write dark horror and sci-fi. Their tropes include “children in jeopardy,” “waking from a dream,” and poetic, albeit foul mouthed characters. Hits include Yesterday’s Gone, WhiteSpace and Available Darkness. The world at large has so far under appreciated their Dark Crossings short stories.

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Realm & Sands

Sean and Johnny write … everything. They’ve yet to write a romance, but they’ll get there eventually. They’ve so far created sci-fi (The Beam and Robot Proletariat), action (Namaste), horror (Cursed), and epic fantasy (Unicorn Western). The world at large has so far under appreciated their LOL comedies.

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Guy Incognito

Someone told Sean his vocabulary was too rich for children. It pissed him off so much that he’s not shut up about it since. 100 years later he’s finally written and released a line of intelligent books, written for his children and yours. Guy is still so new that the world at large has under appreciated everything about him.

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WARNING: We Won't Bribe You

The Internet is full enough bribery (we know; we do it plenty with our fiction). So, THERE IS NO COOKIE HERE. Just hard work on your part and the inside scoop when relevant on ours. You can Write. Publish. Repeat. your way to success by yourself, or we can help you. Click the button to “Repeat” along with us. Being a Repeater means you’ll get special invites to live “Ask Us Anything” chats, plus exclusives that casual readers and listeners will never get.

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